UUCAS folks again have an opportunity this year to brighten the holidays for low-income families in our community.  Through Cornell Cooperative Extension, we have been provided with information about the holiday wishes of three families. Please contact Katie Replogle if you wish to purchase a gift or gifts for any family member.

Family #1

Daughter #1:  5 years old, size 6x or 6. 


  • Pajamas


  • LOL dolls
  • Animals
  • painting.

Daughter #2: 10 years old, size 8. 


  • shoes for school, size 2
  • pajamas


  • LOL dolls
  • Crafting, like making baskets and such.

Mother – clothes size medium

Father – clothes size XL.

Baby Boy – clothes size 0-3 months – button-up only.  Will be in hospital for several more months.

Family #2


  • Daughter #1 (age 7): size 4-5 on bottom, 6-7 on top, shoe size 11 children; likes Barbies and Unicorns
  • Son #1 (age 5): size 4t, shoe size 9 children; likes Spiderman and Paw Patrol
  • Son #2 (age 1): size 18-24 months bottom, 2t top; likes Mickey Mouse club house or anything Mickey
  • Daughter #2 (age 16): extra large women’s top, large women’s bottom; likes leggings and sweatpants, shoe size 10.  She is into art and loves to paint with Acrylics. She also is currently going to cosmetology class at BOCES so she also likes makeup and hair stuff.
  • Son #3 (age 13): 14-16 top youth size (same as small men’s) , 12 Husky bottom, size 7 adult shoe size.  He loves to draw with pencils and charcoal. He is also into sports such as basketball, soccer and is on the swim team.
  • Son #4 (age 9):  size 8-10 youth top and bottom, size 1 shoe; loves Pokemon
  • Son #5 (age 8):  size 6 pants, top 6-7, shoe size 11 children; loves Pokemon, Mindcraft and anything with sharks on or about sharks.

Family #3


  • Anything with Sunflowers
  • Candles
  • Bath/Body Wash
  • Shirts size large

Enjoys:  Lisa’s Place, Railhouse, Red Door, Ted Clarks, Sopranos when she can 

(Lives in town; does not drive)

Son (age 13)

Anything with Fast & Furious Cars

Arts & Crafts supplies or kits

Star wars cars

Jeans size 18 Boys

Sweats size 18 Boys

Shirts size 18 Boys or men’s small

Pajamas size 18 boys or men’s small

Likes American Flags

They do cook together and enjoy trying new recipes.

Family games that can be 2 player- not very complicated.